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So, WordPress rocks as a platform for online businesses to have a dynamic, interactive and fairly intuitive Content Management System, this we already know.

But how does it stack up as an eCommerce delivery system?

Well, we use it for clients all the time, and we thought we would share our perspective on this with you in todays blog.

WordPress, as you may already know, started out as strictly a blogging platform, and while some immediately saw the potential for a fully fledged CMS to be built up around this platform, it has often proven to be a somewhat bumbling, stumbling journey to get it to the excellent level of CMS that it is today. That said, eCommerce has always been a particular nuisance to integrate into WordPress.

For a long time the only real alternatives, with robust development and commitment to longevity, as eCommerce plugin¬†packages were WP e-Commerce and WooCommerce. However, these were oft-times clunky and difficult to implement, demanding that you the developer bend to it’s methods, rather than you bending them to your desired methods (Although we did many, many times – it was never worth the time and effort taken to get these simple results).

Nowadays, of course, there are hundreds of vendors trying to ship you a plugin to run a superstore on line with WordPress, most of whom still have the very same restrictions incorporated in them that drove us all nuts back in the day.

However, busily working away in the background, the WordPress developers have been steadily improving the landscape for eCommerce solutions to be integrated and fairly seemless, and companies such as PayPal have finally realised that working with the WordPress community is worth the effort (d’oh!).

As of now, we have extremely simple methods of adding shoping carts, buy now buttons and designing your own store front the way you want it to look, without having to hire in the php guru from next doors development team.

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